IPS Solder Spheres Ultra-pure mettalurgy Solder joint quality

IPS Solder Spheres Ultra-pure mettalurgy Solder joint quality


Ultra-Pure Metallurgy and Solder Joint Quality

Metal segregation during cooling phase enables to have the exact same chemistry from one Solder Sphere to the other. The very fine and uniform microstructure of metal due to the uniform Sphere composition and the quick cooling allow to have very low oxide content, thus very shiny and metallurgical sound Solder Spheres to be mounted on packages or wafers for uniform reflow.

The IPS granulation process confers to the Solder Sphere structure a remarkably fine and homogeneous inter-metallic network. The stable germination process during solidification gives excellent overall microstructure. This compound results in strong and uniform metallic organization before and after reflow process.

The solder joint strength of IPS Solder Spheres is monitored during various ball shear, ball pull, drop or bend tests, namely Time Zero, Storage, Jedec Level 3, Temperature Cycle and Prolonged Storage.