IPS Solder Spheres Surface treatment

IPS Solder Spheres Surface treatment


Suface treatment

In the field of semiconductors, brazing is a critical step whereby the solder component must have irreproachable composition and size, ensuring perfect solder wettability, coplanarity and joint strength. BGA Solder Spheres, in their way, obey to the same rules and have additional potential constraints. As a matter of fact, Solder Spheres tend to oxidize by mechanical agitation while in jars, transportation or used in balling equipment. Indeed, shaking or repeated movements tend to oxidize product surface, creating flats, cracks or flakes. As a result, movements tend to modify the Solder Spheres physical flow, to alter product behaviour in the balling equipment apparatus increasing sphere electrical contact and bulk resistivity. These damages also tend to tarnish or darken the product surface, resulting in loss of bright reflective sphere surface, creating rejects at automated vision system stages. Sphere darkening may also result in poor solder wetting, altering the overall joint reliability.

IPS has addressed these potential problems by patenting a unique surface treatment that confers to the product a durable physical protection that ameliorates or eliminates mechanical damages due to contact and collision of the Solder Spheres. This surface treatment protects the ultra-pure metallurgical properties of IPS Solder Spheres. The protection avoids darkening, ensures a low oxidized product while stored, shaked, in transit or used in situ when processed in the balling equipment, giving consistent product physical behaviour and reliable solder joint.

That patented process guarantees a uniform surface treatment free from any additional or residual element and gives the user an optical shiny finished product with re-enforced physical properties and preserved alloy joint with optimum wetting and solder joint strength.