IPS Solder Spheres process

IPS Solder Spheres process


IPS Process

With over 35 years of experience in metal granulation, IPS creators optimized a jetting process that has been copied by several producers but remains however unbeatable. This patented improved process enables to have the final product immediately at granulation level. Granulation is performed in controlled gas environment, following strict rules and parameters. No cleaning process steps are needed, surface being free from organic contaminants.

IPS manufacturing process is known as "dry process". This process has been designed to be very integrated and therefore comprises limited numbers of manufacturing steps. Moreover, all steps are geographically concentrated in one large building with natural process steps lanes to insure logical movement of product.

Each step has been designed to optimize product quality. All parameters and process steps are SPC monitored in real-time. Full traceability system is in place for all movements, from raw material to finished product shipment.

In addition, IPS patented process enables to operate with highly precise electronic-regulated granulators that give by default very tight size distribution products. From an economic point of view, this results naturally in highly price competitive products.