IPS Solder Spheres Quality control

IPS Solder Spheres Quality control


Quality Control

As solder alloys are usually soft alloys, there can be different types of defects on Solder Spheres. Among them flats, cavities and protrusions. To address these potential defects, IPS performs systematic continuous visual inspection.

Dimensional checks are also systematically performed on every lot by powerful computer optical tool (OGP). This enhanced computer system has been specifically developed to handle sphere measurement for sphericity and diameter with complete statistical analysis.

During final visual inspection, checks of brightness level and surface (presence of dots, brightness) and sphericity, dog-bones and oblong are performed.

Also, mean diameter is determined for each lot with standard deviation and Cpk calculations. Dimensional analyses are based on a minimum of 200 measurements (Spheres). The roundness is also determined as per ISO 4291 procedure.

Additionally, IPS manufactures its own alloys from selected raw materials and controls Solder Spheres alloy impurity levels. Moreover, IPS performs alloy chemical analysis before ingots casting to ensure exact composition of the alloy. Also, a chemical analysis of manufactured Solder Spheres end-products is performed for cross-checking controls.