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Solder Spheres portfolio

The IPS Solder Spheres portfolio covers all applications, from Plastic BGA (PBGA) to Fine pitch BGA (FBGA), Ceramic BGA (CBGA) and Chip Scale Packages (CSP) down to wafer bumping applications. Typical alloys are lead-free composition including the use of Ag, Cu, Sb… All alloy compositions comply with J-STD-006 standard.

Alloy Examples

Product specification

Leaded alloys
High lead alloys Sn10Pb90 SBPS1 SBMSDS1
Standard lead alloys Sn63Pb37 SBPS2 SBMSDS2
Lead free alloys
SAC (SnAgCu) Sn95,5Ag4Cu0,5* SBPS4 SBMSDS3
Sn96,5Ag3Cu0,5* SBPS5 SBMSDS3
Sn98,5Ag1Cu0,5 SBPS6 SBMSDS3
SAC (+ Ni) Sn98,5Ag1Cu0,5ND SBPS7 SBMSDS4
Size in mil Size in metric Tolerances Jar content  
10 mil 250µm +/- 8 µm 2kk Samples available
12 mil 300µm +/- 10 µm 1kk FULL PRODUCTION
14 mil 350µm +/- 10 µm 1kk
16 mil 400µm +/- 10 µm 1,5kk
18 mil 450µm +/- 10 µm 1,5kk
20 mil 500µm +/- 20 µm 1kk
25mil and above 635µm and above +/- 25 µm 500kk under request

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*IPS is licensee of patent JP#3027441.

Certain alloys may require prior approval from the patent owner.