IPS Solder Spheres – competitive advantages

IPS Solder Spheres – competitive advantages

Product offering

IPS Spheres Offer Competitive Advantages

IPS optimized industrial technology is specifically designed to address the needs of high quality Solder Spheres for BGA & CSP packages.
IPS product features include :

  • - Economical competitiveness
  • - Remarkable lot-to-lot consistency
  • - Perfect size distribution and roundness
  • - Preserved bright surface with controlled oxidation level
  • - Uniform alloy composition

Additional Benefits

IPS standard packaging comes with sealed antistatic plastic jars filled with inert gas. Custom services are also available :

  • - Special colour labels for size differentiation
  • - Custom labellings
  • - Bar codes for stock and JIT management
  • - Desiccant and / or vacuum sealing