IPS Solder Powders Oxide level

IPS Solder Powders Oxide level


Oxide Level

Oxide tests (dross test) can be performed on Solder Powder batch upon customer request.

Note: high oxide content in Solder Powders can have a detrimental effect on Solder Paste properties, mainly on solder balling, viscosity values and stability. The presence of fine particles in Solder Powders is a major contributor to high oxide levels, due to high surface area, tendency to oxidation is worsen. IPS 25-45 microns Solder Powder contains controlled and very low percentage of fines, resulting in low oxide levels.

Extensive processing during sifting process is another factor that leads to high oxide levels. IPS has developed an efficient and non abrasive sifting technology that avoids extensive processing to eliminate the undesirable fine particles.