IPS Solder Powders Quality Control

IPS Solder Powders Quality Control


IPS Quality Control

IPS Solder Powders are manufactured through a severe Quality Management System that allows the company to serve the market with irreproachable products.

Quality checks are performed at every stages of the production. As a standard procedure, properties tested on each manufacturing batch of Solder Powder include:

  • Composition and impurity levels
  • Oxide content
  • Particle size distribution
  • Particle shape
  • Solder balling

Alloy Composition

The composition of each batch of alloy ingot is analysed. Composition analysis is performed with spark spectrometer.

IPS' alloyed Solder Powders are produced using high purity metals. All IPS Solder Powders meet or exceed J-STD-006 or ISO9453 international standards. IPS' range of Solder Powder offers a wide choice of alloy compositions with melting points up to 310°C ( 590°F ).