IPS Solder powders applications Solder powder application

IPS Solder powders applications Solder powder application


Solder products for electronic assembly

Mixed with specific fluxes, Solder Powder is the main element of Solder Pastes used for component assembly on PCB (Printed Circuit Board).

Today's Solder Pastes' requirements imply irreproachable Solder Powder geometry and metallurgical conditions to meet world-class quality standards for the SMT (Surface Mount Technology) assembly. To that perspective, IPS has developed a powder atomization process based on ultrasonic technology. This process is known to be the most efficient way for producing high quality and cost-competitive Solder Powder.

International patents cover manufacturing processes and IPS invests a significant fraction of its revenues in R&D programs to keep its technological edge.

IPS is one of the leading suppliers of Solder Powders to the largest Solder Pastes manufacturers and holds a very significant market share on the segment it serves.